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Camera history
Nov 24, 2016

First camera structure is very simple, only include the Camera Obscura, camera and photographic materials. Modern complex camera, lens, Aperture, shutter speed, distance, framing, light meter, film transport, counting, self-timer, focus, and zoom systems, is a combination of modern camera optics, precision machinery, electronic and chemical techniques for complex products.

In 1550, the Italy of Cardano would double convex lens at the original

Pinhole position, more bright and clear image than the Camera Obscura.

In 1558, Italy's Barbareau in Cardano's device with apertures, greatly improve image clarity, and in 1665 Germany monks yuehanzhang designed the single lens reflex image of a small portable Camera Obscura, because there was no photographic material, this black box can only be used for painting.

In 1822, France Niepce in the photographic material produced the world's first photograph, but image is not clear and requires eight hours of exposure. In 1826, he was coated with a photosensitive Tin asphalt base plate, a photo taken by Camera Obscura.

In 1839, France silver Daguerre made the first practical version of the camera, which is made up of two wooden boxes, focusing in a wooden box into another wooden box, use lens cap as the shutter to control up to 30 minutes of exposure time, can shoot clear image.

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