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Glucose meter
Oct 19, 2017

Glucose meter, also known as blood glucose meter, it is a kind of measuring blood sugar level of electronic instruments. Glucose meter into from the working principle of the photoelectric type and electrode type two kinds. Type electrode glucose meter testing principle more scientific, electrode can be hidden within.

The principle of

Glucose meter has two, respectively from the working principle, a photoelectric type, one is the electrode type. Photoelectric glucose meter similar to a CD player, a photoelectric head, it has the advantage of the price is cheaper, the drawback is exposed to the detection head in the air, is vulnerable to pollution, affect the test results, the error range within plus or minus 0.8 or so, life is short, [1] in two years is relatively accurate, two years later suggested that patients are using photoelectric type machine to do a calibration pits.. General hospital hospital representatives on a regular basis for maintenance, while home blood glucose meter to after-sale service department to bald maintenance.

Test principle of electrode type more scientific, hiding in the electrode inside the mouth, can avoid contamination, error range in the plus or minus 0.5 or so commonly. High precision, under the condition of normal use, do not need calibration, long service life.

From the way blood glucose meter has two kinds, one is to wipe the blood type, it is a vampire. Wipe the blood of the machine adopt health compared commonly big, patients were compared with the pain. If blood, can also affect the test results, blood volume is insufficient, the operation fails, waste paper, the glucose meter for photoelectric. Blood glucose meter, test paper control blood sample measurement, not because of health problems result deviation, convenient operation, blood by click on the test paper.

Now most of the glucose meter are all broken, is the need to blood, for patients requiring multiple measuring blood sugar, have damaged glucose meter, but the price is very high! In order to relieve the suffering of the patients with finger tip blood, now launch two arm blood glucose meter.

The technical implementation

Sugar measurement usually adopt three electrodes in electrochemical analysis system. Three electrode system is compared with the traditional system of two electrodes, including the working electrode (WE), reference electrode (RE) and the electrode (CE). Reference electrode used for fixed point zero, current flows through the working electrode and reference electrode form a barrier or less basic electricity system, the stability of the use of reference electrode potential to measure electrode potential of working electrode. Working electrode and the auxiliary electrode form an electric system, used to measure the working electrode by the current. Using three electrode measurement system, at the same time point and current research work electrode.