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History of lenses
Nov 24, 2016

First Leica, Leica brand said there is no establishment in 1849, aged 23 Germany mathematician Karl. Kaierna (Carl Ke

Llner) Carl Kellner (Wetzlar) was established "optical Institute" and began the development of lenses and microscopes. This is Leica's previous incarnation. In 1869, Ernst Leitz took over the company and became the only Manager he is named after the company. This is known as the Leitz (Leitz) company. When it comes to Leica (Leica) the birth of the brand, had to say first 135 camera. Oscar Barnack (Oskar · Barnack), Germany a talented mechanic, also is a persistent, and we shoot friend. At the beginning of the last century, the industrial revolution-Hing.

Leica (Leica) from Oscar Barnack camera's history is as the Leitz company research officer position start.

Germany all male optical, Leica Kajian slant, the pursuit of small. Schneider is about greatness, force is abundant. Mr Piers is best known for dark (House) (Lee) (head is a magnifying glass) and Chase is an all-around player. Carl Zeiss t * 135 format camera is the only way to compete with the Leica brand. Hasselblad in 120 sites rely on Carl Zeiss t * lens groups dominate the field. Is in sharp, Carl Zeiss Planar t * 135mm/3.5 has a small field of so-called substantially the maximum aperture of the lens.