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Know the market used four types of flat-panel computer screen material:
Nov 23, 2016

Structure has three floors of the AMOLED screen, AMOLED display, touch-sensitive panels with outside protective layer of glass. Middle layer is less Super AMOLED touch-sensitive panels, AMOLED touch-sensitive layer on the presentation layer. Super AMOLED panels thinner than the AMOLED screen, and is a native of touch panel, unlike the AMOLED also need to touch the sensor with air, touch sensitive, but also because less of a barrier, color more beautiful. Will look brighter than the AMOLED, but has a higher touch sensitivity. Super AMOLED is the upgraded version of AMOLED.

IPS technology to Japan in 1996, the company succeeded in developing display technology, is an LCD wide viewing angle technology, is widely used in LCD-TV manufacture, can improve when the angle when in TN chromatic aberration and other issues that appear on the screen. Display principle

Once burnt transistors on the display becomes dead, the dead will become a highlight of the display, but the IPS screen will be turned into a lightless black spots. Rigid panels are suitable as for the touch screen. Excellent colour and viewing angles.