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Smart Bulb Camera
Sep 22, 2017

Basic Info

  • Type: IP Camera

  • Technology: Infrared/Wireless

  • Effective Distance: 0-9m

  • Sensor: CMOS

  • Feature: High Definition

  • Specification: 379g with box / Camera only: 120g

Product Description

Easy Setup Motion Detector Security Cam Wireless Bulb Surveillance DVR

Easy Installation: Designed for ease-of-use, the bulb screws directly into any standard E27 light socket, just like a normal light bulb. There are no complicated setup or installation procedures. Once it's screwed in, just use the buttons on the body of the device to set your recording preferences, and you're ready to catch some bad guys in the act.
Clean Modern Design: The unit was crafted to look just like a modern, universal, energy-efficient light fixture so that it would blend right into the existing furnishings of your home or office. It doesn't call any attention to itself, so wrongdoers won't be able to get self-conscious about their actions in its vicinity.
Amazing Video: The bulb processes 3GP video files at a crisp 640x480 resolution with its AMR9 32-bit Microprocessor. To conserve space on your MicroSD card, you can also film at 352x288. While the higher resolution will be more advantageous for catching crafty cashiers swapping out currency, the lower resolution is great for monitoring entryways and exists to see who's coming and going after hours.
Perfect Vision Day or Night: With 24 940nm infared LED lights surrounding a high quality CMOS sensor, the unit is able to record incredible, high quality video all day and night. And since infared light is out of range of the human eye, thieves still won't know they're being watched.
Real Time Mode: One of the bulb's most convenient features is Real Time mode, which uses a motion sensor to conserve storage space while still catching every piece of action. While the bulb normally records at 12 frames-per-second, Real Time mode records at 1 frame-per-second until the motion sensor is triggered by any movement within an 8-meter diameter, when it jumps back up to 12 fps until the motion stops.

Key Features : -

- Simple installation, screw in -like a bulb

- Rotatable camera body (360 degree)

- Adjustable len viewing point (90 degree)

- Extendable camera length (from length 165mm to 185mm)

- Built-in speaker for 2-way communication

- Wider viewing angle (120 degree), 2.8mm Len

- Backup battery feature (optional), once power failure, it will keep video recording

(20000mAh battery can last 5-6hrs), no battery included. End users use own battery

- Using crystal cover (IB-185W, IB-185Y) / mirror cover (IB-185WM, IB-185YM)

- 5Watt white (185W,185WM) /yellow (185Y, 185YM) light output, control by APP

and Remote

- 25pcs of white/yellow LEDs for light

- 4pcs IR LEDs for night vision

- Remote access by SmartPhones(Andriod)/ iPhone/ iPad/ Notepads/ Notebooks/ PC/

- Free APPs for smartphones and PC software

- 64pcs cameras viewing on same screen on PC / 4pcs cameras viewing on same

screen on Android /iPad / Notepads / 1pcs camera viewing on iPhone

- Use Peer to Peer technology (P2P), plug to play

- Use USA industrial grade processor , TI-DM365

- HD960P 1280x960 pixels resolution, 1.3M image processor

- Accept worldwide Voltage AC 100 -250V

- Double alarm alerts : email alert and mobile push message alert

- Motion detection / continuous recording methods

- Accept local storage Micro SD card (Class 10) 2GB-32GB, storing 12days video

files for 32GB Card

- Direct playback recorded video on smartphones, no need to download videos

- Two colors : Silver / Golden

Video H.264 Compression Format

Network Using Peer to Peer (P2P) technology, no need configuration and no

Resolution : 960P (1280*960)720P (1280*720) / VGA (640*480) /


Frame Rate : 0 - 25 FPS

Data Rate : 32Kbps - 2.0M Kbps

Light intensity, contrast ratio, saturation level are adjustable




Weight Gross: 379g with box / Camera only : 120g

Dimension Normal 72 x 165mm / Extend 72 x 185mm

Box size 200*105*85 mm (L*W*H)

-20~ 60°C微信图片_20170424153001.jpg