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Tablet PC shipments fell to keep
Nov 24, 2016

Tablet shipments suffered 8 consecutive quarterly decline, combined with the earlier exit Dell Android Tablet market, tablets are thought to have been in the industry into a sunset industry.

IDC released on November 1, "global quarter Tablet tracking" report showed that third quarter of 2016 global Tablet (including Tablet equipped with a keyboard) shipments decreased by 14.7%, 43 million units, 50.5 million for the same period last year, which is a quarter of a tablet computer "eighth fall".

Data show that Apple and Samsung remains the dominant power on the Tablet market, from the product structure view, sales in the entire category, iPad is a dominance. Apple and Samsung shipments were 9.3 million and 6.5 million units, ranking manufacturer first and second place. Sit while runner-up, however, compared with the same period last year, the two big technology companies fell 6.2%, 19.3%. Amazon's sales in the third only half of Samsung, followed by Huawei and Lenovo. At present, no other Tablet makers shipped more than 10 million.