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Buy Camera Key To Look For Six Elements(1)
Nov 24, 2016

1, use: according to the characteristics of different products, digital cameras can be classified as domestic, para-professional and professional cameras, small feel for public users, and we did not learn professional knowledge of photography, nor experienced photographers, the camera is often used for everyday shooting, there is no need to select so-called high-end products, camera is enough.

2, price: for price, xiaobian recommended that domestic DC cameras do not buy more than 2000 Yuan, out of considerations of cost, more than 2000 DC cameras may overflow in performance. But for the average working-class families, more receptive to less than 2000 Yuan price, digital camera, after all, the role of the family is still very simple. Without travel take a souvenir photo, family gatherings, such as when a family, certainly not someone with a DC in the streets every day paihua flowers and grass, blue sky and white clouds. So the thrust of economic utility is the home camera.

3, the brand: determine the budget you might consider to buy a particular brand, brands, Canon, Nikon, Sony camera market is the big three, the greatest market share, but this does not mean that other brands is not good, Olympus, Panasonic, Casio brand in the camera market is also very popular. The top product of any brand can have its own, also has failure, choose the camera to see what is best for you. From the brand perspective, is mainly on the domestic market, Japan, the United States and South Korea four of the world, domestic (Lenovo and BenQ, Premier, identity), Japanese (such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Ricoh), United States (Kodak), Korea (Samsung). Sometimes based on brand recognition and market share, divided into first-line (Canon, Nikon, Sony), the second line (Fuji, Panasonic, Casio, Ricoh, Olympus, Kodak, Samsung, etc) and third-tier brands. Small series of think choosing a camera, the brand is still important, because it involves not only product quality, as well as after-sales services, so brands are always reliable.