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Buy Camera Key To Look For Six Elements(2)
Nov 24, 2016

4, pixels: many cameras are not very understanding friends tend to buy cameras are most concerned about is how big a pixel, and many businesses are also using consumer mass marketing in pursuit of characteristics of high pixel, in fact, for the average family needs, high pixel did not have much practical significance. Generally 3 million pixels able to wash 6-inch photos, photos of 4 million pixels you can easily output the A4 format, so the concept of pixel just to be washing and processing capacity, not more pixels, the better. Some digital camera manufacturers in the small size on the CCD, put in a high pixel sounds pixels high, in fact image quality than the average 2 million or 1 million pixel camera. Now, with the camera cost reduction, more than 1000 digital cameras basically have more than 10 million pixels, enough to meet the needs of users.

5, Economics: the economy after all is to save money, for digital cameras, in what ways can save money? Natural accessories, mainly dominated by batteries and memory cards, card cameras generally are used in large-size LCD screen viewfinder electronic viewfinder much more electricity compared to the optical viewfinder natural. Available on most of the cards most cameras use lithium batteries, AA batteries of the camera is not found. Lithium-ion batteries, then it can probably take around 200 pictures. Store cards can be divided into the XD card, memory stick, SD card, MMC card, CF card, SM cards, different models of cameras need to be equipped with different types of memory cards. Such as Sony cameras generally need to be equipped with a memory stick, Olympus generally require XD cards, Canon equipped with a CF card, most of the camera is equipped with SD card. XD cards and memory sticks are more expensive of the two memory cards and SD cards with features such as high-speed, affordable, is becoming today's mainstream media.