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Digital Camera Was Born:
Nov 24, 2016

Digital camera's history can be traced back to the last century, 450, television was at that time. With the promotion of television, people need a way to broadcast television recording devices. 1951 bin·keluosibi Labs invented the VCR (VTR), the current pulse of the new machines in a television broadcast can be recorded to tape. By 1956, recorder began to produce large quantities. Meanwhile, it will soon be considered electronic imaging technology.

Second milestone occurred in in the 1960 of the 20th century the United States Space Agency (NASA). Before the astronauts were sent to the Moon, NASA must survey the lunar surface. However, engineers discovered, by the analog signal of the probes sent back were mixed among other rays in the universe, it is extremely weak, and receivers on the ground cannot transform the signals into clear images. So engineers had to find another way. 1970 was a landmark in image processing industry year, United States Bell Labs invented the CCD. When engineers use computers to digital CCD image information processing, all the noise is removed. Later "Apollo" beefed-up Shuttle have CCD installed on the device, is the prototype of a digital camera. "Apollo" in the course of the Moon, United States NASA receives crystal clear digital images.