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Hongkong Spring Exhibition & Global Resources Hongkong Spring Exhibition
Apr 11, 2017

Dear Sirs/Madam:


We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our products Exhibition,

Hongkong Spring Exhibition  from April 13th to 16th 2017,Exhibition no:.  3G-D02.

Global resources Hongkong Spring Exhibition  from April 18th to 21th 2017,Exhibition no:.  9A02.

This exhibition we mainly display panoramic camera series products.

What is panoramic camera

Make Your Smart Phone 360 CAM Instantly

Two lenses (front and rear) capture 210 degrees, vertically and horizontally, creating an image of complete 360-degree field of view without the need of additional framing. Additionally, after connecting the camera to your smartphone thanks to WiFi and using VR glasses you will get a picture of a really augmented reality.


live without compromising quality

You can choose between a Full HD video mode with 30 fps (frames per second) and “live” photo with 4.5 Mpx definition (3008x1504 px). Regardless of the circumstances you will be able to capture the smallest details of each recorded moment.
Thanks to a WiFi you can see live the world behind you. The camera records sound too!


in 360 degrees

The picture from Goclever Extreme 360 camera can be added after a simple conversion to your Facebook profile or YouTube without any loss in quality or functionalities. Feel free to show off the full picture of your world.
Extreme 360 can be easily connected with a smartphone using WiFi. For example, you can use the screen of your smartphone for a quick preview of recorded material and to control the functions of the camera. All that with an intuitive app for Android and iOS.


whenever and wherever you want

There are no limits for Goclever Extreme 360.
Thanks to a full set of dedicated accessories you have countless possibilities to use the camera. The set includes a mount for bicycle handlebars, a helmet mount, and a flat camera mount (to mount it on a table, windscreen, or car bonnet).


is standard for us

The set includes a groundbreaking, multifunctional tripod. Its flexible arms mean it can work as a conventional tripod or a mount allowing you to mount the camera almost anywhere.