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Wide Variety Of Cameras, Can Be Classified By Use
Nov 24, 2016

Wide variety of cameras, use can be divided into landscape photography cameras, printing plate camera,

Digital camera

Document microfilm camera, micro cameras, underwater camera, aerial cameras, high-speed cameras; according to the film size, can be divided into 110 camera (screen 13x17 mm), 126 camera (screen 28x28 mm), 135 camera (screen 24x18,24x36 mm), 127 camera (screen 45x45 mm), 120 cameras (including 220 camera screen 60x45,60x60,60x90 mm), plate cameras (Picture 8.2x10.6 mm), into perspective by the viewfinder viewfinder camera, a twin-lens reflex camera, single-lens reflex cameras.

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