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Noninvasive Blood Glucose Meter

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BG30 Non invasive Blood Glucose Meter with 7' screen Painless Nontraumatic

•7-inch Non invasive Blood Glucose Meter
•Painless Nontraumatic
•90% accuracy

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Product Details


• Product Form: Straight Plate                                           •  Camera: 0.3M

  Battery: 7.4V/5000mAh                                                  • WIFI: Wifi 802.11/b/g/n

• Dimensions: 250*200*20mm                                           • 3G: 3G Bulid-in  , EVDO/WCDMA/TD-scdma

• CPU: Dual Core Cortex A9 ,1.2GHz                                • Memory card socket: Earphone 3.5mm

•  LCD: 7’’IPS/TN                                                               • USB: Micro 5pin USB OTG Port

• RAM: 1GB DDRⅢ                                                           • Headphone Jack: ∮ 3.5mm Standard Headphone Jack

• TP: Multi-touch Capacitive Screen                                  • Operating System: Andriod 4.2/4.4

• ROM: 8GB-32GB                                                            • Language: Multi Language Support


•  Accessories: Charger, Finger Clip Probe Wire, USB Cable ,User Manual, Gift Box

• Video Format: Support 1080P H.264、VP8、RV、WMV、AVS、H.263、MPEG4、Support 720P Online Video (YouTube)

Functions & Features

Records keeping for view and check Successive test: many times a day>90% Accuracy Rate


• Metabolic Heat Conformation Method, It is research results of Qing Hua Institute for over 10 years

• A noninvasive glucose measurement system is proposed using metabolic heat conformation method, which is based on the discovery that the heat quantity dissipated in metabolism is the function of glucose level and the quantity of   oxygen supply.

• Temperature sensors, infrared sensors, moisture sensors and optical measurement device are applied to get the glucose level by measuring heat dissipation, blood flow rate of the local tissue and 

local blood oxygen level. 

Working Principle

•  Integrates Various Sensors for Signal Collection                             • With the Heat Transfer Bar of Thermistors on Both Ends

• Processing Circuit for Signal Conversion and Amplification             • One End—Contact Finger Skin to Test Temperature Change

• Microprocessor to Calculate the Values of the Seven Parameters   • These Values Combined to Calculate BFV

• Finally Displays the Whole Results                                                   • Photoelectric Method----Oxygen Saturation and Hemoglobin

• Revised Heat Transmission Method----- Test BFV

• The Other End—an Infrared Radiation Temparature Sensor to Take the Value of the Finger Surface

• The Surface of Finger Exposed to Infrared Light of a Specific Wave Length in an Assigned Sequence and

  The Light Intensity Penetrating the Finger is Detected

• Combining the Metabolic Heat Integration Together to Obtain the Blood Glucose Concentration



Application Place

Accuracy above 90%


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